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Hail Repair

Paintless Dent Removal Process:

Paintless dent removal is a technique developed to remove hail dents. It is also used to remove minor door dings, however door dings are typically more difficult to remove. The techniques utilize special tools to physically push dents out from the backside of the panels without damaging the painted surface. Structural bracing behind the exterior panels makes access difficult if not impossible at times. If we cannot access exterior panels from the back side the only option is conventional repair & refinishing techniques. A lot of paintless dent removal companies will drill holes in structural bracing and separate exterior panels that are bonded to structural bracing in order to gain access to these dents. Not only can this compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle and create a point for corrosion to begin it goes against all industry accepted collision repair techniques. The cost is determined by the amount and size of dents per body panel. The amount and size of the dents also determines if a particular panel will require replacing or conventional repair techniques. The size is especially important since very large dents should not have paintless dent performed due to the probability of the paint delaminating from the metal and peeling off later in time.

Insurance Claims:

All insurance companies require paintless dent repair for hail damage where applicable. In most cases your insurance company will require your car to be inspected by one of their adjusters who will prepare a damage estimate and in some cases write a check on the spot. Usually they will use an average of a certain portion of each body panel. Neglecting to count each individual dent will result in an inaccurate repair estimate and underpayment of the claim.

Not Repairing:

If you have decided to NOT repair your vehicle the amount of the original repair estimate may be less than what is actually owed. Insurance companies know a large portion of hail claims never get repaired. That is why they use averages instead of counting each individual dent. If you have an insurance estimate and suspect you have been underpaid we offer a hail damage evaluation service where we write a thorough repair estimate for you to submit to your insurance company for additional payment. We cannot guarantee you will receive additional compensation. The cost of this service is $25.00 that amount would be refunded if you decided to have repairs done at Dunkin Auto Body.


If you have decided to REPAIR your vehicle the next step is to decide on a repair facility. At Dunkin Auto Body we will prepare an accurate estimate for repair by circling each individual dent, counting them and evaluate the different sizes of dents to first determine if the panel is eligible for paintless dent repair or will require conventional repair or replacing. We will then work directly with your insurance company to obtain authorization for the additional repairs.

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